z-mag is a Zeniada creation for flash writing and tiny thoughts. New issues are released on the first of every month.


We're currently reading submissions for our mar 2018 issue.

Submit your speculations, rhymes, and ideas here by February 27, 2017.


How short is short enough for z-mag?A hundred words? Or even something Twitter length (pre-280 expansion). It's all up to you.

What does "short" mean for artwork?Quick doodles, maybe? z-mag is for all things along, not at the end of, the creative road.

What if I have a handful of random phrases I came up with while brushing my teeth?Sounds perfect for z-mag! We love random and beautiful phrases.

What about my Odyssey-length epic?Sorry, no. That's not short by any stretch of imagination.

Where will my work go?If we love it, we'll publish it in our online gallery (that's this website)!

Will you print my work on real live paper?No, z-mag is online only. For a more formal, print publication, check out Zeniada.

Who are you?We live at Johns Hopkins and review both smaller (z-mag) and fancier (Zeniada) submissions from writers and artists across the country. Learn more below.

More questions? Email us at ask@zmag.gallery.

About z-mag

z-mag, a Zeniada creation, is an online-only publication for flash writing and tiny thoughts. New issues are released on the first day of each month, and all undergraduates are welcome to submit.

About Zeniada

Zeniada is an intercollegiate poetry and art magazine based at Johns Hopkins University. Issues are released both in print and online every spring and fall. View Zeniada's website here.